The image on the front page of the youth website is from a couple of years ago, when our youth participated in a #BlackLivesMatter march here in Pasadena. Since then, tragically, it seems that not much has changed, and so this past Sunday we found ourselves marching again, this time at the end of the 9:00 am liturgy. Normally, at the end of a service, the first cross and torches lead the chancel party out, and then church is done. This Sunday, though, was different. 

Instead, the first cross and torches led the people out--and not just out the door. Nearly 700 members of the parish processed out of the church, onto the sidewalk, and then around the block in order to pray with our feet and add our voices to the chorus crying out for an end to the fear, racism, and violence that has gripped our nation. The procession was led by 21 acolytes and numerous other youth carrying signs of peace, signs calling for an end to gun violence, and signs marking the names of those whose lives have been cut short because of the color of their skin. 

After the service had concluded, some began to ask what the next steps are--to that end, Susan Russell has published an excellent blog with resources aimed at helping everyone get educated about the realities that communities of color live with every day and the ways in which allies can get involved in the work in a helpful and productive fashion. Please check the blog out here.

The youth of All Saints are in it for the long haul--we'll continue to be a place that is loving, inclusive, and safe for everyone, and we'll strive to be a prophetic and radical voice of God's love and justice for all people, all the time.