Weekly Highlights:

Wednesday Night Youth Group -- Jr. High -- 11/08/2017

This Wednesday we'll be continuing in our series on the book of James, specifically looking at chapter 2, verses 1-7. In these verses, James challenges us to "make no preferences among ourselves," especially as it relates to those who have power and those who do not have power. As usual, we'll spend some time playing games and listening to each other in small groups, closing out our time together with prayer.

Giving Event @ The Rectory

I'm delighted to share that the CYF and Giving departments have worked together to offer a Giving Event that is not only open to the entire parish, but is also family friendly as well. Age appropriate activities will be offered for children and youth throughout the evening. The event begins at 5:30 and will be wrapped up by 7:00 (with the exception of Not So Bored Game Night, which will continue until 8 pm -- please see the note below.)

If you're planning on attending, please send us an email to let us know.

Not So Bored Game Night -- SPECIAL UPDATE

Please see the calendar event below for a special update about our November Not So Bored Game Night.


Please click on the calendar below to check out additional activities, including who's up to acolyte this upcoming Sunday.