Weekly Highlights:

Wednesday Night Youth Group

Annual Christmas Party!

This Wednesday is our annual youth Christmas party! Every year we host a white elephant gift exchange--if you'd like to participate, please bring a wrapped or decoratively bagged gift ($5 max). Please note that the gifts are intentionally silly and not serious, so please don't expect to head home with something nice...also, each year, there are at least one or two nice gifts that are "stolen" during the white elephant gift exchange, so please come prepared to play the game and not be too attached to the results...

Because of the number of youth who participated last year, separate white elephant gift exchanges will take place in junior and senior high.

Isaac's Final Wednesday Night

As you all know, Isaac will be leaving us on December 31st. As a way to honor his past seven years of service to this parish, we are hosting a special celebratory evening on Wednesday, December 20th, from 7 till 8:30 pm in the Learning Center. This event is open to all current and former youth--more details to come in the days ahead.

Dinner will be held, as normal, at 6:30 pm in Sweetland Hall.

Christmas Caroling at the Rectory

Robin and Mike Kinman welcome all youth to the rectory for a mug exchange and hot chocolate party! Please RSVP to cortega@allsaints-pas.org by December 21st.

If you plan on participating in the mug exchange, please bring a mug filled with small goodies, including your name inside, wrapped up. After we exchange mugs, we'll use them for hot cocoa!

Please see the calendar below for additional information.


Please click on the calendar below to check out additional activities, including who's up to acolyte this upcoming Sunday.