Weekly Highlights:

Wednesday Night Youth Group

Wednesday night youth group is an incredible place to meet friends and learn about faith -- and play a few games too. Dinner starts at 6:30 pm in Sweetland Hall, followed by separate programming for middle school  and senior high from 7 till 8:30.

Senior high and middle school will be meeting on campus this Wednesday night.

Parent Potluck

On the first and third Wednesday nights our parents provide an amazing potluck for nearly 60 hungry teenagers — if you’re student is participating in our weekly dinner, and you haven’t joined a potluck team, would you consider doing so? Please contact Jeremy for more information.

Not So Bored Game Night

Our monthly Not So Bored Game Night will meet this Friday, January 11th, from 6 till 9:30 pm in Sweetland Hall. All students in grades 6 - 12 are welcome — light refreshments will be provided.


Please click on the calendar below to check out additional activities, including who's up to acolyte this upcoming Sunday.